What is Prezi?

If you want to create interactive and engaging presentations, Prezi is made for you. Prezi is the evolution of a dull and monotonous PowerPoint in which the audience can interact with the content. Leaving aside the old slides that move forward and backward like pages in a book, in Prezi, you show the big picture and then zoom in to reveal the relationships between your ideas.

In this program, you can create a whole world, where the audience finds text and visuals by zooming in and out.

Prezi offers a wide variety of reusable templates that will blow your imagination and help you start your project. So even if you are not a designer, this web-based tool is made for you.

In the last few years, it has become popular in schools, universities, and businesses. So if you are trying to be at the top of your class, impress your boss or triplicate your sales, Prezi is the way to success.

Using Prezi, you take care, not only of the message you are delivering but also the way you are communicating it. In this way, your ideas will be more memorable and engaging.

Why Use Prezi?

You might be thinking about what makes Prezi so unique. For one thing, Prezi is entirely free to use. There are upgrades you can pay to unlock additional features, but everything you need to create and share an effective Prezi is available for free. Indeed, Prezi fulfills the 5 Reasons Why Is The Best Alternative in Presentations Softwares.

Another fantastic reason to use Prezi is that you won’t have compatibility issues ever again since Prezi is a web-based program, you can load your Prezi Library wherever you go. Meaning that your Prezis will always look the same, no matter what computer you’re viewing it on.

Because of its modern presentation style, Prezi combines space, motion, and metaphor to help communicate your message.

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