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The Importance of Prezi Images

Why Prezi Images are so Important?

Prezi is a revolutionary presentation software that claims to be more engaging, more persuasive and more effective than its competitors, and most of that prestige its thanks to the Prezi Images. Prezi Images are known to work faster in the audience than words. Prezi has amazing visuals elements that most of the time are used to replace text with metaphors images.

Some research studies have concluded that 90% of the information we take in comes in through our eyes. That’s why one of the main assets of Prezi presentation are Prezi Images.

How to insert Images in a Prezi?

How to Insert a Prezi Image

There are numerous elements that we can add in a Prezi Presentation, like images, charts, arrows, animations, and more. To include most of them, we need to find the Insert Menu on the top of our screen. If we need to bring a Prezi Images to the presentation, we need to go to the Insert menu and then find the Prezi Image Icon.

There are several ways to insert images into a Prezi.

The first option we have is, add from My Library. We have created a Prezi Course that teach you in detail how the Prezi Library works and how to make your own Library with your Images.

The second option to insert an image into a Prezi is with Unsplash. Prezi is in partnership with Unsplash and provides a huge library of Royalty-Free Images. With the correct Prezi License, you will be able to make a search and bring images into your Prezi.

It is super easy to insert a Prezi image from Unsplash. Once you search and find a desirable image, you can click on it, and will automatically appear into your presentation; or you can drag and drop it wherever you want into the presentation.

The third option to insert a Prezi Image into your presentation is, upload it from your computer. On the displayed menu you will find a button to upload an image from your computer. You can upload JPG, PNG, and GIF (non-animated).

There is another hack to insert an image into a presentation. You can look for an image in any other source and copy it. Once you copied, you can bring it to your presentation by hitting on your keyboard, control + V.

Which Image Formats are allowed?

There are three image formats allowed that you can bring into a Prezi presentation. They are, JPG images, PNG images, and non-animated GIF images.

The main characteristic of a JPG image is that they have a solid background. You will notice that the image has a background with no-transparency, that why if you bring it to Prezi you won’t be able to see the background of the presentation. Also, the JPG format is one of the more popular format on the internet, most images that you find will be JPG.

The main characteristic of a PNG image, instead, is that it has transparent background. This kind of images have a nicer result and harmony with the presentation.

Prezi Classic supported GIF images with the SWF format, but the new Prezi Next doesn’t allow animated GIF for the time being. We hope that there will be an update in the near future.

How to Crop an Image on Prezi?

An advantage of Prezi Images, is that we can edit an image directly within the software. When we import an image into Prezi, there are two options, the first one is the advanced image editing. We have a specific lesson in our Prezi Course for this tool, which is super useful because you can edit the actual image and end up with amazing result.

The alternative is to use the crop option. To crop an image with Prezi Present is super simple, you need to select the image which you want to work with and locate the crop icon on Prezi’s contextual menu. Then, you will choose a portion of the image, and keep the visual of only a section of the image.

There is a disadvantage when using the crop option instead of using the advanced image editing option. When you crop an image, the full image is stored in the presentation. This might be a disadvantage if we use several high-resolution images and use only a portion of them because the presentation will be heavier and definitely will load slower.

Take a look at the next video to learn how to crop an image and understand how cropping is just selecting a portion of the image.

How to crop an Image in Prezi

If you want to know more about Prezi Images and other Prezi Features, join our Prezi Course. We’ve also included a Masterclass section with Prezi Expert lessons.

Book a free 15-minute Q&A call with our teachers, we would be happy to help you.

What are your thoughts on Prezi Images?

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