Smart Structures in Prezi Next

Prezi Next has presented a revolutionary way of structuring your presentation. As you may know, in the former Prezi software, now called Prezi Classic, the presentation focus on sharing ideas in a Cinematic format by frames. Now Prezi has introduced a new way of presenting, emphasizing the presentation topics that you want to be relevant to your audience.

Elements in a Prezi Next Presentation

The first thing you see when you enter a presentation is the overview. The overview shows the main level of your presentation canvas. In this layer, you will also find the presentation covers of the main topics that you are going to get through your presentation. 

Each topic has its subtopics and content, which is invisible to the audience until you zoom deeper in the topic you want to talk about.

3 types of Presentation Topics and Sub-Topics

By structuring your presentation, you can organize the topics in a way that is meaningful to convey your message. There are three types of presentation structures that will help you present content the right way, so your message is well received by your audience.  


Planets have subtopics that orbit the main idea and are best used to separate related content. Use round planet type if you want to break your topic up into subtopics, jump to different areas of your content, or give your audience a preview of your main ideas for better orientation.

Stack topic


Stacks contain pages of content that display linearly. Use this type if you want to reveal content to your audience step by step, in stack order. When you present with a stack topic, each page will display separately and in order.


Storyblocks are topics/subtopics that come with pre-designed content layouts and placeholders to create presentations in an easier and more efficient way. You will find several types of storyblocks such as Prezi timelines, tables, lists, maps and more.

Story blocks are a paid feature that is available for users with a Standard or higher Prezi Plan. Check the Prezi Licenses to know which one fits your needs.

Pablo Povarchik

Pablo Povarchik

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