Prezi vs. PowerPoint: 7 Facts To Make The Right Choice

If you are looking for PowerPoint alternatives, you came to the right place. When it comes to presenting, there are two huge rivals in nowadays presentation market. On one side, we find the familiar PowerPoint, and on the other side, we find the innovator Prezi.

In times of online meetings (by the way, have you already tried Prezi Video) and working from home, we tend to rely on our software to make a difference when we need to present an idea. That’s why we wanted to make a full comparison between these two programs.


PowerPoint its been around since forever. There is a high possibility that everybody had used PowerPoint at least once to make a presentation. Also, it is compatible with the other Office applications such as Excel, Word, etc. 

Prezi is a well-founded application that not everyone knows, but it is getting popular day by day, and it seems that it is here to stay. If you try it, you will know what I am talking about; you can achieve amazing results.


When it comes to design, it depends on what do you put in your presentation. PowerPoint has a wide variety of options to design within the tool, for example, PowerPoint animations. 

Nevertheless, Prezi relies a lot on design, and thankfully it makes the design part a lot easier. On Prezi, you find multiple templates to start working on your presentation. Also, you can create new graphics, such as icons, images, infographics, charts, etc. directly in the program with a tool called Prezi Design. Even you can add Prezi Animation to them, so they are more visible in your presentation.


When it comes to collaboration, Prezi takes all the awards since it is a web-based program, so its a lot easier to share and work together with your colleagues in a presentation. However, it depends on the Prezi License that you have.


When it comes to education, Prezi does better in delivering presentations at schools full of students. Children get easily distracted, and you need to convey visual information with your message to keep the focus.


If you need your audience to interact and follow your presentation path, you should turn to Prezi. Prezi Next has introduced conversational presenting with smart structures, which means that you create a big overview of all your key topics, and the audience can zoom in those topics which interest them most. Plus, there is an impressive feature call Presentation Analytics, where you can check in which topics does your audience spends more time in and check how many times do they have seen your presentation.

PowerPoint is useful if you are going to follow a linear story. You must choose clear topics, and they should match the titles and storylines to make your audience follow the desired path.


PowerPoint and Prezi are similar when talking about security. PowerPoint matches the security measure of almost all companies. Prezi, instead, is an online tool, but it is considered to be safe since the company has a special focus on cybersecurity.


To use PowerPoint, you will need to purchase the full Microsoft 365 package for $6.99 per month.

Prezi, it is basically free, but if you need to unlock extra content, the special features start at $5.00 per month.


As we may conclude that in some categories, there is some difference between PowerPoint and Prezi, you always need to remember that both of them are tools and depends on the presenter to organize and clarify their ideas to complement the presentation.

Pablo Povarchik

Pablo Povarchik

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