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Prezi Next – All you need to know about

Prezi Next was released in 2017 as an evolution of the old Prezi Classic. It came up with the mission to rethink how we were used to presenting, leaving aside the boring linear slide-based presentations. Prezi Next is the future of Prezi presentations. It is here to help you communicate your message in a more meaningful way, building a connection between the presenter and the audience.

What is Prezi Next?

Prezi Next is the most powerful presentation platform presented by Prezi. It is mainly composed of three great tools: Prezi presentation, Prezi Video, and Prezi Design. 

Unlikely other software, the Prezi Next editor is easy and intuitive. You can even start from a customizable pre-design template that best fits your project, and with the drag-and-drop editor, you can start building your next Prezi presentation.

Prezi Next presentations work as an open canvas, where you can view and organize your topics and, with a zoom-in effect, reveal the content inside without flipping through slides. In this way, Prezi Next introduces a new concept called conversational presenting, where you can adapt your message on the fly according to your audience’s interest. Making communication and collaboration part of the presentation and helping other people understand your message.

In our portfolio page, you can review some Prezi examples to get an idea of what is Prezi.

The Prezi Next features

Prezi Next brings in all the well known Prezi Classic features and includes some new features to deliver more engaging presentations. For instance, smart content management. Prezi Next organizes presentations through topics and subtopics with smart structures. You can manipulate entire sets of information without cutting slides back and forth, making it a lot easier to customize a Prezi presentation for different audiences or meetings.

Another very cool feature introduced by Prezi Next is presentation analytics. Depending on your Prezi license, you will be able to unlock Prezi analytics, which gives you real-time insight on who’s viewing your presentation, who it’s share with, and which parts interest them most.

The new collaboration feature of Prezi Next is outstanding; now, you can work with your team together in a Prezi presentation simultaneously and have a very granular understanding of what each other is doing.

By setting the entire presentation on an open canvas, Prezi Next allows you to present in a non-linear way, so you can quickly address your audience’s questions or interests without having to go through nonrelated slides. It will also activate your audience’s spatial cognition for a better understanding and memorable; the spatial cognition is the brain’s ability to relate concepts and locations in the canvas.

One of Prezi’s missions with the new release was that anyone anywhere could share their story and watch it grow and influence others. Actually, they did achieve it; the whole platform supports natural storytelling. It is much easier with Prezi to tell your story in sales or educational processes than any other slide-based approach. In this way, your audience can understand your message better.

Prezi Next download

Prezi Next offers a desktop application for editing your presentations on your Mac or PC. It also lets you work on your presentations when you don’t have internet access, giving you the opportunity to present your prezis offline. Learn more about how to download Prezi Next here.

Learn Prezi with us

We offer Prezi training to learn all about Prezi Next and Prezi Video. Also, we offer Prezi presentation designing for your project or to turn your existing slides into a Prezi. Contact us.

Have you tried the new Prezi Next? What are your thoughts?

Pablo Povarchik

Pablo Povarchik

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