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How to get presentation templates?

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Regrettably, Prezi Next doesn’t have presentation templates as his predecessor Prezi Classic. But there is a secret way to get a free presentation template for your next project.

If you login into your Prezi account, you will be able to visit the Prezi Gallery. The Presentation Gallery or the Prezi Gallery is a library of presentation templates or actual Prezis that other people made available for you to use.

These presentation templates are organized into different categories (including Prezi Video). You can search for similar presentations regarding the topic of your project. The presentation that available for you to use will have a small green icon on top of it.

If you are logged into your account, you will be able to make a free copy of a Prezi, saving it in your dashboard and importing the whole of it as a presentation template. Then you will be able to replace the content with yours.

It is important to know that these presentation templates at the Prezi Gallery are royalty-free.

Please watch the next video to learn how to enter the presentation gallery and copy a full presentation template.

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