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Can Prezi be used offline?

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Yes! Prezi can be used offline in different ways;

1. With the Prezi desktop app, you can create, edit, and present presentations offline, and as soon as you get back online, all your project and changes will get sync with the cloud.

2. There is a similar version to view your Prezi presentations offline called the Prezi Viewer app. It is available for smartphones with iOS or Android. Once you download the Prezi Viewer app, you will have to log in to your account, and all the presentations will appear on your smartphone. Then you will have to click on the “keep offline” button. In this way, you can view all the presentations stored on your phone offline.

3. Also, you can download an auto-executable version of a Prezi presentation and store it in a USB or any similar device and run it on a PC or MAC computer without having to install any additional software.

You can visit our blog to learn how to Present offline.

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