The Prezi Image Library – More than 500,000 Pictures!

The GIGANTIC Prezi Image Library

How much time do you spend searching for just the right Prezi image? Prezi has made the process quick and easy with its huge new Prezi free image library. Paid subscribers have access to over 500,000 high-quality stock images from  (Free subscribers have a limited number of Prezi images and icons.) You can view and make a prezi search for images from inside the editor. The Prezi image library pops up whenever you change the background image or insert a new Prezi image into a topic. These images and icons are ready-made for Prezi, so you don’t need to optimize your images for Prezi Next. Learn how to crop Prezi images in the Prezi Course and Masterclass lesson.

Even More Prezi Images in the Icons & Symbols

In addition to these new Prezi images, Prezi has partnered with the Noun Project to increase its icon and symbols library to even more images.  There are more than 80,000 clipart images available.  The icons are fully scalable, so you can zoom in as close as you want without worrying about them getting pixelated or fuzzy. The enhanced Prezi images in the icon library are only available to paid subscribers. Free subscribers will still have Prezi images in their Icons & Symbols, but there are only two categories: Light Prezi Images and Dark Prezi Images. This is yet another reason to upgrade to the Prezi Plus account.

Using the Prezi Free Image Library

The Prezi free image library pops up whenever you insert or replace an image. It also appears on the Background and Theme sidebar. Scroll down through the thousands of Prezi images and double-click on the one of your choice. Or, drag the image directly into place. You can even search for images using keywords. With 500,000 to choose from, you’re sure to find something you like. One great thing about using the Prezi Free Image Library is that you can easily replace anything that you don’t like. Hover over the picture right-click, and select Replace Prezi Image. The Prezi Free Image Library will reappear, and you can choose a different image. Icons don’t have this feature, so you’ll have to delete the icon then add in a new one in its place. For backgrounds, just double-click on another image to switch it around. upload your own background image

Every Prezi Image is Attribution Free

You don’t need to worry about copyright issues. Everything in the Prezi Image Library is free to use. They are made available under the Creative Commons copyright that lets you use or alter them without having to attribute the artist. Of course, you can still upload your own Prezi images from your hard drive. But if you do, be sure to check the copyright. You might need to add a small text box below the Prezi image that attributes the work to its creator. If you’re not sure how to do this, see How to Give Attribution.

Choose the Right Prezi Image

As a visual presentation medium, Prezi relies on images to communicate your message. Different  Prezi images can create a completely different look for your presentation. This is especially true of the background image. With the Prezi free image library, you can easily compare a variety of different pictures to see how they look behind your prezi. Look at the images below to see how the meaning and mood of this prezi is affected just by changing the background image.

Comparing Prezi Images

All of the screens captures above are from the exact same prezi. The only difference is the change in the Prezi image used as the background. The titles, topics, fonts, and colors are exactly the same. It’s amazing to see how the different background images affect the mood and message of the prezi. Changing the image is as easy as double-clicking on a picture in the gigantic Prezi Free Image Library. But beware. With so many Prezi images at your fingertips, you might spend hours searching through them all.

Have you ever visit the Prezi Image Library?

Pablo Povarchik

Pablo Povarchik

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