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Is Prezi good for education?

The world has changed fast in the last few months; the way we approach our daily route has changed as well. Teachers and educators had to jump into technology to get kid’s attention throughout a Zoom online classroom. In the meantime, Prezi Video has arrived with the perfect timing to help our kids with online learning. But the big question is Prezi good for education?

As we can realize from these testimonials, it seems that students are adapting very well to this new technology and the online learning environment. The importance of education is keeping the connection between teachers and students. The concept of interacting with content and, at the same time, maintain the teacher presence is the key to engage students and make them learn successfully.

Two ways of online learning

With Prezi Video, teachers and educators have the opportunity to teach live on an online classroom or to pre-record lessons to send to students so that they can review the class at their own pace. It is really easy to set up and get going. Like one of the Prezi teacher heroes said, as you get more and more comfortable with it, it is easy to create videos that are even more elaborated and cooler than the previous ones.

How to get started with online classrooms?

Prezi Video for teachers and educators integrates with the tools that you already use like Google Classroom, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. And includes designer templates for every subject and a lot of reusable content, so all you have to do is bring the content of your lesson and present. Also, there are plenty of interactive images and icons to keep your class entertain and engage.

If you don’t know how to get started with Prezi, you can always learn how to make your Prezi Login.

Prezi for students

This is an excellent opportunity to encourage students to use Prezi Video in many different ways, share their ideas, convey their voices, raise better presenters, and contribute to the community.

Prezi Video is the right tool to impress your teachers and show them that technology can help classrooms. The idea of presenting with augmented reality content next to you is not futuristic anymore, and it is here to change the way we used to work before.

Is Prezi free for students and educators?

You can always check the Prezi Licenses, but students and educators are eligible for a free Prezi education account. In which you will be able to make educational presentations that will grab attention and keep it. You can also create interactive charts, maps, and graphics to bring to your online classroom with a Prezi Design tool.

The world has changed, and thanks to the Prezi teacher heroes giving Prezi Video a chance, our kids are adapting in the best way possible to this world situation and new technology. We help teachers and students learn how to start and master all the Prezi Video features, so we will be glad to help you. Contact us for more information.

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