Prezi Training

A free basic tutorial to get you started using the original Prezi Classic. Includes downloads, demos, and hands-on practice activities.

Designed especially for the Prezi Classic user who wants to get up to speed with the new Prezi Next.

This course gets you started with Prezi Classic, but moves beyond the basics into skills that are essential to master good Prezi design.

Personalized One-on-One Training

Nothing is more frustrating than having a clear vision in your mind’s eye, but not being able to bring it to life on the Prezi canvas. You can avoid this frustration by booking a one-on-one coaching session. It’s like having your own private Prezi tutor!

Virtual sessions are scheduled in advance for $125 per hour. Normal coaching hours are 9 – 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, but exceptions can be made to accommodate your time zone.

Schedule a virtual coaching session with Robin Pierman, certified Independent Prezi Expert