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Prezi has recently released a new feature in Prezi Next. Since 2009, when Prezi was released, we’ve always wanted to turn Prezi presentation into a video, to present offline, or take it with us wherever we go. Now, with the Prezi Video update, we can turn our Prezi Presentation into a video for free, even with a Prezi Free account.

What is Prezi Video?

Prezi Video is an excellent tool to take your Prezi presentations anywhere without moving from your desk. You can bring your content alongside while you are presenting remotely in business meetings or even classrooms.

In fact, Prezi Video is the only video maker that allows you to interact with your content while you are live onscreen. In this way, you can make your conversational presenting even more engaging and interactive in an online meeting.

With Prezi Video, you take your meetings to the next level, within minutes you can create Prezi Videos with templates, saving valuable time and resources, or even repurpose a Prezi presentation that you already have and convert it into a video.

How to Make Prezi a Video?

An impressive feature is that you can turn every Prezi presentation that you already have into Prezi Video. Also, you can explore the Prezi Gallery for a reusable template or take a look at Prezi Video examples for inspiration. 

To start this new experience, all you have to do is to locate Prezi Video in your Prezi Dashboard and choose the presentation you want to convert into a video.

Then you have to use your Prezi Desktop App to present in real-time with your preferable conference tools like Cisco Webex, Zoom, or any other app. There is also an option to record and share your Prezi Video for training and lessons so your audience can review the presentation at their own pace.

Is Prezi Video Free?

Prezi Video is totally free, which means that it is accessible in any Prezi License account, from a Prezi Basic account to a Prezi Team account.

Have you already tried Prezi Video? What do you think about it?

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