The New Prezi Player

Have you noticed that Prezi has a new player? It’s subtle, so you might not have seen any differences. You’ll know you’re using the new player if you see a “Switch Back” button underneath your prezi.

For obvious reasons, the Switch Back button won’t show if you’re viewing a full screen or embedded prezi.

What’s the difference?

The new Prezi player operates just the same as the old one, for the most part. The difference is in how it’s coded. The old player uses the now-obsolete Adobe Flash to display online. (The desktop versions of Prezi are already Flash-free.) The new version displays Prezi using WebGL, a JavaScript API for HTML5.

How this affects you

You might not see any difference in performance. Although the backend of the player is significantly different, the Prezi engineers have done a great job in duplicating the old player’s operation. There are only two obvious differences – video and animations. All videos now play in full screen and do not allow layering over the top of them. The new player does not play animated images, so animated GIF and SWF files will appear as static images – just as they do in a portable prezi or in the desktop app.

After the new player has been around for a while, Prezi will remove the Switch Back button. If you want to force Prezi to use the old player, add this to the end of the prezi’s URL: ?webgl=0.

Like this:

Pablo Povarchik

Pablo Povarchik

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