Structuring Storytelling Presentations

How to structure your Storytelling Presentations?

When we created the Prezi Course & Masterclass, we wanted to give our students the tools to create their best presentations ever and add extra value by sharing tips and tricks to master Prezi like professionals. We contacted several Prezi experts around the world to deliver masterclass sessions. Today we will give you a sneaky peek at Marcos Xalabarder’s masterclass lesson.

Marcos Xalabarder is the CEO at, but he also has a journalist background, passion for multimedia, visual thinking, and writing.

He does storytelling mentoring for major companies in Spain and Europe and develops a new narrative consultant concept called Story Angel.

As a Story Angel, he helps companies find and shape their story, so we contacted him and asked to share some tips and tricks with our students to organize their thoughts and structure their presentations.

In the Masterclass lesson, he teaches about Agile Storytelling and shares three ways to structure your presentations and take your audience on a journey.

Furthermore, the storytelling expert suggests using Prezi to make people feel attached to your story. He explains that a good story has to be about people, emotion, and technique.

Our ancestors transferred knowledge using stories; that’s why we love them. Scientific studies proved that presenting with stories is more effective than presenting just facts.

Mandy Schild shared tips and tricks for effective visual metaphors in your presentations (watch Mandy’s Masterclass here), and one of her recommendations was using emotions. Emotions make the audience feel attach to and experience what the character is living, so you should use emotions to be more memorable.

Agile storytelling needs a good structure; you need to set up a progression of your story and put things in context so the audience can understand it.

Marcos also gives an example of how to deconstruct a story, dividing periods of time and twisting them. He took the well-known story about the Little Red Riding Hood to teach our students to alternate the storyline and teach the story in several different ways. Here is a sneaky peek of his lesson.

He named this technique the “Narrative Kung-Fu,” which is the ability to train yourself to tell your story either way. It is an excellent exercise to stay nimble and present your Prezi to be relevant to your audience. Join our Prezi Course & Masterclass and watch Marcos’s lesson.

How do you structure your ideas for a successful presentation?

Pablo Povarchik

Pablo Povarchik

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