Do You Need a Team License?

There are two kinds of Prezi licenses – individual and team. Individual users can purchase one of the four types of Prezi Next accounts. See Choosing the Right Prezi Next Account for detailed information on the Basic, Standard, Plus, and Premium subscriptions. Teams can subscribe to Prezi Business, which is an enterprise version of Prezi Next. Organizations who choose Prezi Business instead of multiple Prezi Next accounts have the advantage of centralized billing and account management.

One common misconception is that you need a teams license in order to collaborate on Prezi projects. Collaboration is available to all Prezi accounts. You can add collaborators to your prezi regardless of the account type. Multiple Prezi users can work on a project at the same time and even add and respond to comments directly on the Prezi canvas.  Prezi Business will also integrate with Slack. This team collaboration service sends notifications when a comment has been made by a team member, or when a client is viewing your prezi.

Prezi Next and Prezi Business both have optional viewer analytics. This feature tracks the behavior of those who view or present each prezi. Where Prezi Business shines is in projects that are shared amongst the whole team. The Leaderboard compiles data from everyone on the team to compare their performance. This can serve as an incentive to compete against other team members for dominance on the Prezi Leaderboard.

One feature you would expect from Prezi Business is the ability to secure data locally on a company server. However, all prezis are stored in the Cloud regardless of account type. Even if you use the desktop version to create a new project, it will sync with your online account as soon as you connect to the Internet.

Prezi Business includes a few features that are not available in Prezi Next including a PowerPoint import and Live Prezi – a way to present your prezi online to remote viewers. A major feature recently added to Prezi Business is the Salesforce integration. With this combination you can share links with your prospects and track valuable data like when they viewed your presentation and who they shared it with.

As one of Prezi’s official Independent Experts, TeachMePrezi is entitled to discount pricing on Prezi Business. Contact us before arranging for a Prezi demonstration to see if you qualify for a discount.

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