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Differences between Prezi and Prezi Video: Part 1

In this session of the Prezi Course and Masterclass, we met Guilherme Criscuolo. He is an award-winning Prezi Expert and founder of Next Interativa.

Guilherme won three times the Prezi Awards for the educational category in 2013, best overall design in 2014, and most innovative use of the tool in 2018. Check out the Prezi Master presentation awarded in 2018.

As an expert, Guilherme designed hundreds of Prezi Video presentations; that’s why we ask him to share some of his tips with our students.

What is Prezi Video?

Prezi Video is a tool that allows us to show the content on-screen side-by-side with the presenter. Basically, you can interact with your content on-screen during an online session and still be heard, keeping a human connection with your audience.

As we are experiencing a new reality where most of the companies had to adapt to an online structure and most of our daily work life is in front of a screen, Prezi Video plans to try to have the same human connection as in-person meetings.

How does Prezi Video work?

Prezi Video works like a Prezi presentation. It is clickable and non-linear while you are streaming it; this means that you can freely navigate through the entire presentation.

Tips for Prezi Video Design

In the Masterclass video, Guilherme shares several Prezi examples and the version he created for Prezi Video.

He affirms that you can get really creative while designing a Prezi Video presentation and shares some important tips to consider when creating a Prezi that will be used as a video.

Prezi and Prezi Video have almost the same features, but the most significant difference to consider for the video version is positioning your content on the screen. In a Prezi presentation, we use the entire screen to display our content, but we must make room for the presenter in the Prezi Video version.

Tip: Prezi Designers keep a visual connection between one screen and the next one for visual continuity in the presentation. In Fuji’s Masterclass, he shares some tips to structure Prezi and use topic covers to create visual continuity.

Make sure to stay tune to the second part of Guilherme Criscuolo’s Masterclass about the Difference between a Prezi and a Prezi Video.

He will be giving some tips on how to turn Prezi into a Video, the proportions for a Prezi Video, examples and more.

Contact us if you have any questions about Prezi or Prezi Video.

Have you tried Prezi Video already? What are your thoughts?

Pablo Povarchik

Pablo Povarchik

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