Free Prezi Next Course

Free Prezi Next Course

Lesson 1 – Introductory Lesson

Welcome to the Prezi Course. In the next videos, we will review most of the Prezi Features quickly, so you have a good overview of the Prezi’s capability and functions. The idea is that you get a map of the tool, learning where things are and what it can do, building a good basic understanding of the overall tool.

This course aims to learn how to make it feed your process; depending on if you are in HR, Sales, or Pitching Investors, you will implement the tool differently, and together we can find which part of Prezi makes the most sense for your process.

In these Prezi Overview Series, we are going to review some topics like;

  • What is Prezi?
  • Prezi Licenses
  • Prezi Dashboard
  • Prezi’s Card
  • Prezi Editing & Presenting Basics
  • Downloading Prezi’s Apps & Prezi Offline
  • Prezi Templates
  • Prezi Gallery
  • Conversational Presenting

You need to know that you will be able to go back and watch the lessons again if you think you missed something. Also important, we have created some Infographics for each lesson, so you summarize them. You will find them at the bottom of each lesson.