Conversational presenting with prezi next

Conversational presenting with Prezi Next

Today we live in a world where information is accessible for everyone. Prezi Present has introduced a new concept changing the way we approach presentations, called conversational presenting.

Some years ago, when the access to the information was limited, we were used to presenting with the traditional top-down presentation; as we held the information, it would have been difficult for a prospect to research our background before the day of the presentation. Our job was to present lots of information persuasively and delighting them.

Today, everyone has access to information, including your client or student, and by the time you meet them, they will know a lot about you and your product by looking at your website and social media channels. 

The exciting thing about this is that they will have a few missing gaps of information about you willing to fill; that is why the top-down presentation method is obsolete nowadays. There is no point in using the meeting time to deliver as much information as possible since people will know more about you than you think.

But there is a way of designing engaging presentations to success in your next meeting, contact our team to learn more. 

Have conversations with Prezi Present

Here is the recipe for the new way of presenting the information. Prezi Present is based on a conversational presenting method, a different approach to the old linear static slides as PowerPoint. It is all about taking those 20 minutes in the meeting room to create a conversation with the prospect, a two-way dialog. To give our audience the chance to talk about what is important to them and understand our message. The idea is to seize those 20 minutes only to present what is relevant to them. 

The same concept is applicable for online meetings, using Prezi Video presentations to have a conversation with prospects remotely. In a new reality where everybody has a calendar full of online meetings, you should use the time given by your clients to talk about what is important to them because that little trick will make the difference with your competitor’s presentation.

Contact our teachers and learn how can Prezi Video help you engage your audience through virtual presentations

Also, conversational presentations create a more relaxed environment, in which your prospects have better chances to understand your message. The main idea is that the conversation guide the Prezi presentation.

There no more active speakers and passive listeners. It’s all about collaboration and moving forward, making them part of the presentation and reaching conclusions together.

How to turn presentations into conversations?

Prezi Present is a great tool to turn presentations into conversations; using Prezi images, you will be able to engage your audience and make them relate images to concepts.

Although the presentation content has to be meaningful, eye contact and gestures are also important when presenting conversationally; people feel understood when building a connection with them. 

Moreover, you must lose the corporate-speak. Your audience may not understand professional jargon; you need to put yourself in their shoes to learn how to speak to prospects. Using storytelling is another excellent way to help your audience convey your message and make them part of it. As kids, we learn everything through stories, about ourselves and the world, enabling us to picture and understand things.

Finally, it is an excellent strategy to ask your audience questions once you finish the presentation to be open to dialog and help you make the final adjustments to your message.

Conversational presenting is presenting thousands of different ways with one presentation. Each meeting will be different, and the conversation will guide you to build a connection with your audience.

If you want to learn more about presentation techniques, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Have you tried presenting conversationally?

Pablo Povarchik

Pablo Povarchik

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