Experience the New Prezi

Prezi Next, the new version of Prezi that was released in April of 2017, is significantly different from the original Prezi Classic. To understand how different it is, you really need to experience it yourself. I made this informational prezi so you can see for yourself how it works. It also answers many basic questions [...]

Video Tutorial: Custom Themes in Prezi Next

Do you miss the Prezi Classic Themes feature? It's a real time-saver. Themes let you save customized settings for fonts, colors, and background so you can reuse them in other prezis. Prezi Next is missing this feature. Follow the instructions in this workaround lesson from the Transition to Prezi Next course.

Custom Themes for Prezi Next

Prezi Classic: Custom themes allow you to save your favorite  fonts, colors, and background images to reuse in any prezi. Prezi Next: Prezi Next does not support custom themes. Workaround: Create a blank reusable prezi that has all the fonts, colors, and background images saved for reuse. Themes in Prezi Classic   Every new prezi [...]

Video Tutorial: How to Delete a Prezi

The Delete button is surprisingly hard to find when you want to remove an unwanted prezi from your Prezi Next dashboard. Watch this video to discover where to find the "hidden" Delete button.

Explore Other Prezis

Prezi Classic: Prezi Classic includes an Explore feature to search through millions of prezis by keyword. Prezi Next: There is no Explore feature in Prezi Next. Workaround: Search the built-in Prezi Next templates by keyword. There is currently no way to search for Prezi Next prezis that you have not created yourself. I find this [...]

Vector Images in Prezi Next

Prezi Classic: The only file format used for vector images in Prezi Classic is SWF. Prezi Next: SWF is an Adobe Flash file format. Since Flash is being discontinued, the new Prezi no longer supports SWF files. Workaround: Use the PDF file format with a white background to simulate a vector graphic with transparency. First, [...]

Import PowerPoint into Prezi Next

Prezi Classic: Select Import PowerPoint from the Insert menu to choose which slides you want added to the canvas. Prezi Next: No PowerPoint Import Workaround: Manually save the slides as images and insert on to the canvas. Prezi Next doesn't have a built-in PowerPoint import. As an easy workaround, you can save your slides as individual [...]

What Happened to the Prezi Path?

For many long-time Prezi users, getting used to the new Prezi Next has been difficult. Prezi Next is a new application, so it isn't as full-featured as the original Prezi Classic. This is the first of a series of articles to provide workarounds for getting Prezi Next to work more like Prezi Classic. Prezi Classic: [...]
WARNING Read this before you start a Prezi Next project

Read This BEFORE You Start a Prezi Next Project

The release of Prezi Next has been an exciting milestone for the product. Millions of Prezi users are starting to use it in place of Prezi Classic. Unfortunately, they don’t realize until it’s too late that there are several things that Prezi Next just can’t do. Know the limitations of Prezi Next before you start [...]