Video Tutorial: How to Present a Prezi

There are lots of options for presenting with Prezi Next and Prezi Business - online, offline, PC, tablet, remote, and more. This video describes each one and teaches you how to choose the right presentation method. It's a video lesson from the new online e-course, Master Prezi Next: Beginner to Expert Projects.

Video Tutorial: Custom Themes in Prezi Next

Do you miss the Prezi Classic Themes feature? It's a real time-saver. Themes let you save customized settings for fonts, colors, and background so you can reuse them in other prezis. Prezi Next is missing this feature. Follow the instructions in this workaround lesson from the Transition to Prezi Next course.

Video Tutorial: How to Delete a Prezi

The Delete button is surprisingly hard to find when you want to remove an unwanted prezi from your Prezi Next dashboard. Watch this video to discover where to find the "hidden" Delete button.

How to keep your prezis organized

It’s the New Year and it’s time to get organized. Did you know that you can organize your prezis, too? You can use filters and folders to keep everything neat and tidy. Filters Filters are built-in and can’t be customized. They are found in the top left corner of the “Your Prezis” page. The three [...]

Clearing out the “Your Prezis” page

If someone shares their prezi with you, it continues to appear in your Prezi library even after you are finished viewing it. This can be annoying since it takes up space alongside your own prezis. To “unshare” yourself from a prezi follow these steps: Click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the prezi [...]
Put prezi in your LinkedIn profile

Show off your Prezi abilities in LinkedIn

Adding rich media to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to share a portfolio of your work to your professional colleagues. You can add slide decks, documents, photos, video, and hyperlinks. They can add depth to the Summary, Experience, or Education sections of your profile. You've worked hard on your Prezi presentations. Why not show them off in [...]
Shortcuts for Prezi Presenters

Use Prezi shortcuts in your presentation

Here are some Prezi shortcuts that may help you perfect your next presentation. When I am presenting a prezi to a live audience, the first thing I do is display the prezi in Full Screen mode. This takes away everything else that can detract from your presentation. Click the Full Screen icon in the lower right […]

How to control transparency in Prezi

Adjust your prezi transparency

You can change the colors of Prezi elements using the Theme Wizard. It's a handy tool to adjust the color of our your frames, shapes, and arrows, but you can't change how solid they appear. The transparency of an element can range from completely opaque to completely invisible. You can't adjust this in the Theme Wizard. [...]
Using fade in animation in prezi

Make elements appear in Prezi (Fade-in Animation)

If you are an experienced Keynote or PowerPoint user, you've probably made use of many kinds of animation for adding or removing elements from your slides. Prezi can't begin to compare with all the variety of animation features found in these programs. It is limited to a simple Fade In animation effect. With it, you can [...]
How to pin a prezi to Pinterest

Pin a Prezi on Pinterest

Pinterest provides the best platform for sharing online resources. It is not really a social network, it’s a social bookmarking tool. When you’re browsing the Internet, you save your favorite sites to your Bookmarks (Google Chrome) or your Favorites (Internet Explorer) so you can find them later on. Social bookmarking takes this one step further […]

How to make a 3D background effect in Prezi

3D Prezi background Effect

One of the coolest animation effects you can add to your prezi is a three-dimensional background. 3D Prezi backgrounds look very impressive but are surprisingly easy to use. You can load any image as your background but be careful to use a very high-quality image so that it won’t pixilate. Hi-Definition jpeg files are the […]

how to split a prezi text box

Split a Prezi Text Box

Here's a helpful hint for working with text boxes in your prezi. If you have a lot of text in a box and you want to divide it into two smaller ones, you don't have to use cut and paste. The Prezi Editor has a little-known feature you can use to split it. You can't [...]