Working with Videos

In this lesson, we will work with Prezi videos. Learn how to include videos in the presentation, how to embed videos from Youtube and the different ways to manipulate them to act the way we want.

Remember to add a video into the presentation; you need to go to Insert/ Video.

There are several options to add videos into the presentation.

  • Add video from My Library.
  • Upload a video
  • Embed from Youtube

Don’t forget to check Guilherme Criscuolo Masterclass lesson about Prezi Video hacks and the main differences with a Prezi Present.

Upload a Video

If we choose the “upload a video” option, you will select a video from your computer, and this video will work offline. Meaning that whenever you want to present and don’t have an internet connection, you can rely on the video that will work anyway.

If we upload a video and will use it often, we can add it to My Library. In this way, the video will remain in your account, and you won’t have to upload it again.

Add a video from My Library

To add a video from my library, you have to click on Insert / My Library. You will find all the videos that you saved before, so you don’t have to upload them again from your computer.

With just a click, you can bring videos from My Library into the presentation.

Check the lesson about My Prezi Library to learn more how it works.

Embed a video from Youtube

To add a video from Youtube, you copy the video’s link and paste it on the right side of your screen where it says “embed from Youtube.” You can also use Youtube’s embed option, where they give you a special link to paste it in the same place on your Prezi. Then, click on insert.

There are some disadvantages if you work with videos from Youtube. First, you will have Youtube’s frames with the subscribe option, titles, and buttons. This can sometimes be distracting. Secondly, it may also happen that when you try to play the video, you get an ad. Thirdly, the Youtube video will play only when you are online.

But the good thing is that your presentation’s file will be lighter, which is advantageous if you want your presentation to load faster.

Videos & Animations

Every time we upload or embed a video, Prezi adds an animation automatically. This animation will zoom to the video according to the path settings of your presentation. This means that if we control our presentation with the small arrows at the bottom, our video will automatically play when we reach that point.

Of course, we can delete this animation, but the video won’t play automatically. We will have to click on the video if we want to play it; because there won’t be any action associated with that specific video.

Please take a look at the lesson about Prezi Animations to learn more about how they behave in your presentation.

There is also a way to convert your Prezi into a Prezi Video presentation and present it in online meetings and virtual events. Contact our team to learn more.

Working with Videos in Prezi
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