Working with Text Box in Prezi

In the previous lessons, we’ve applied the Style we created during the Templates Series. In this video, we are going to work with the text box in Prezi. Have a look and learn how to update the Style preset of your presentation.

How to add Text in Prezi?

To add Text in Prezi you need to click on the Insert Menu and then click on Text.

Referring back to the Prezi Editing and Presenting Basics lesson, while working in the edition mode, every time we select an element, you will notice that the contextual menu changes. This is important because, depending on the element that you select, you will have different options to modify the element. Another way to access the options menu is by clicking the right button on your mouse.

Prezi Contextual Menu

How to edit text in Prezi?

Text manipulation in Prezi works like any other software. When you select a text, you will have different contextual menu options to apply. For instance,

  • Select a Font
  • Decrease or Increase the Size
  • Bold
  • Italics (depending on the fonts)
  • Change the color of the font.
    • In which we have the option to choose any colors, but Prezi suggest to use the scheme colors (based on the Color Palette that we defined previously)
  • Change the Background Color of the Textbox.
    • Also, changing the opacity of the color so you can work with transparencies.
  • Add Bullet Points
  • Change Alignment
  • Increase or Decrease Indentation
  • Add to My Library

How to delete a text box on Prezi?

To delete a text box on Prezi, you need to select it with your mouse and click on the Backspace key on your keyboard. The alternative is to select it with your mouse, and with the right-click options of your mouse, select delete.

You can download an infographic with all the keyboard shortcuts in Prezi here.

Updating the Style Preset

You can update the Style directly in the presentation. To achieve this, for example, you need to choose the font that best suits you, and with the right click of your mouse, click on Update Style Preset. An important fact to keep in mind is that the changes that you made while updating the Style preset are valid for the entire presentation. 


The right-click option is a great way to access the specific configuration of a particular element. Check the infographic below to learn the keyboard shortcuts working with text.

Text's shortcuts
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