Working with Prezi Shapes

In the following lesson, we are going to work with Prezi Shapes. We have the option to add and modify shapes in the presentation.

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How to add Prezi Shapes?

To add a shape, we go to the insert menu and click on shapes. The shapes that are displayed by Prezi will use the colors of the color palette that we previously defined.

There are different options when we select the shapes, always shown in the contextual menu. The first option is;

  • Style Preset
    • Where we can change the color of the shape based on our current theme.
  • Fill Color
    • We can have a gradient of colors and play with the transparencies using the opacity option; we can also edit the Corner Radius and round up the shapes’ corners.
  • Border Thickness
    • We can increase or decrease the border thickness.
  • Border Color
    • We can change the color of the border too.

Learn the difference between Prezi Shapes and Layout while working with Prezi Templates.

Group Prezi Shapes

While manipulating images or shapes, we can always group elements by selecting them, with the shift key and the mouse cursor, and with the right-click, we group them. This way, they will be kept together and behave as a group.

Remember to save in My Library all the objects you frequently use, so you save time in your following presentations. (right-click and add to My Library)

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