Working with Prezi Images Basic

In this lesson of the Prezi Course & Masterclass, we are going to work with Prezi Images. Let’s watch the next video to learn more about Prezi Images.

How to insert image in Prezi?

Prezi Images are very important in a presentation, and there are several ways to insert them into a Prezi. All you need to do is click on the Insert menu and then click on the image icon.

The first option we have is, add from My Library. Refer back to the lesson about My Library to understand how it works and how to save images.

To insert an image from My Library, you can click on the image, and it will appear in the presentation or drag and drop it where you want to insert it.

The other option to insert an image into a Prezi presentation is by searching for an image. Prezi is in partnership with Unsplash, which provides Royalty-Free Images. Unsplash is a huge library of images, where you can search depending on your needs.

Another option is uploading an image from your computer, or even look for an image in any other source and copy it, and then with control + V, you paste it on your presentation.

Insert Images

Image Formats

You can upload images in JPG and PNG formats. The main difference is that PNG has a transparent background, while JPG has a solid background and is more popular on the internet.

Images Options

There are some additional edit options, which are advanced image editing and crop an image.

We are going to review in detail the advanced image editing in the next chapter on Prezi Images.

How to crop images in Prezi?

To crop an image is super simple. You will select the image and look for the crop icon on the contextual menu. When we crop an image, we choose a portion of the image, and we keep the visual of only a section of the image.

Disadvantage of using the Crop Option

There is a disadvantage when using the crop option instead of using the advanced image editing option. When you crop an image, the full image is stored in the presentation. This might be a disadvantage if we use several high-resolution images and use only a portion of them because the presentation will be heavier and definitely will load slower.

Check the next lesson on advanced image editing; we will share with you some cool tips.

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