Working with Prezi Images – Advanced

In the previous lesson, we’ve learned how to work with Prezi Images. In this lesson, we will learn how to edit an image with Prezi to be lighter for your presentation.

Alignment & Distribution

When we grab and move an image in Prezi, we will notice that yellow or orange lines will appear in your Prezi. Those lines are guides to know the alignment of the image. It is helpful to keep everything well distributed and organized throughout the presentation.


Another feature when working with Prezi images is the superimposition. When we import an image into the presentation, the image will be at the top level or layer. If we want to superimpose our images, to show one over the other, we have to use the right-click options and look for the options Bring to Front or Send to Back. In this way, we tell Prezi where we want our images to reside in the presentation.

It is good to know that the presentation topics behave like images, too, meaning that we can superimpose an image in front of a topic or vice-versa.

Superimposing images with Prezi - Infographic

Advanced Image EditingĀ 

As we saw in the previous lesson, there were two options to edit an image in Prezi; the advanced image editing and the crop option. The crop option wasn’t the best solution because we used a portion of the image, but Prezi kept the entire file, ending with a heavier presentation. Luckily, we have advanced image editing. We need to select our image and look for the advanced image editing on the contextual menu to use this option. Once we enter, a new window will appear with some options on the left part of the screen;

  • Transform
    • We can change the image format, making the image a square or a widescreen; we can even change the straighten.
  • Filters
    • We can apply Color Filters to our image.
  • Adjust
    • We can edit the brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma, and more refinement options.
  • Focus
    • We can add different kinds of focus to a specific part of the image, like a radial focus, a mirror focus, or a linear focus. Also, we got a gaussian effect, where you can blur the image.
  • Brush
    • We can draw in the image.
  • Frames
    • We can add a frame border to the image, changing the opacity and the width of the frame.
Advanced Image Editing Options

An important note on advanced image editing is that with this option, the image is fully modified and doesn’t work like the crop option; with this tool, you won’t have problems with the presentation’s weight.

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How to use an image as your Topic Cover?

There is a way to replace the topic shape with an image, icon, or another object. Follow the next steps to make your presentation look cooler by replacing the topic cover;

  1. Right-click on the topic and select “Advanced Topic Editing.”
  2. Select the topic shape and use the backspace key to remove it.
  3. Insert the image you would like to use and click on it to add it to the topic cover.
  4. Adjust the size and send it to the front of the back.

Make sure to check Fuji’s Masterclass lesson on Japanese Style and Prezi Structure. He teaches us how to master topic covers to create a visual continuity in the presentation.

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