Working with the Presentation Structure: Prezi Shapes & Layouts

In the next video, we will learn about the presentation structure, how do Prezi Shapes and Layout work while working with Prezi Templates.

The shapes of your topics can be set with Prezi’s shape & layout tool, or we can also make modifications to a topic directly. Let’s take a look at the next video to understand better.

What is the Prezi Layout?

Prezi Next uses smart structures to organize presentations. The Prezi Layout is how the presentation is structured. It is a suggestion on how to distribute the elements on each of your topics. If you follow these suggestions, you will end with a presentation that looks the same and has a consistent style and theme throughout the presentation.

So remember, we can not use the layout in the overview, but once we go into a topic, we can choose a specific layout.


Shapes are the specific form of your topics and subtopic, such as circles, squares, etc. While choosing the layout, you are talking about the structure of the presentation.

There is an advanced lesson on Prezi Shapes, in which you will learn how to edit shapes.

Difference between shapes and layout

In the next lesson, we will talk about colors and how to actually set a Theme for your Prezi presentation.

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