Working with Fonts

In this last video on working with Templates, we are going to review the Fonts.

How to define a Text Combination?

As you might remember, you can randomly choose a text combination, or you can click on the small icon next to the Text Option and define one on your own.

To define the fonts for the presentation, you have to scroll down in the Text Configuration Menu and find the small pencil icon on the Template Style.

In this new menu, you can name the Fonts Configuration; this way, it will be saved in your Prezi account, and you will be able to use it on other presentations.

You can then select a font for your titles, subtitles, and body of your presentation.


If you can’t find the font you want to work with or the font defined in your company’s brand book, you can add the font from Google Fonts directly in Prezi.

How to define Prezi Fonts

You can also choose a predefined text combination for your presentation, or you can create one and save it in your styles.

Prezi Fonts

In the next chapter, we will start a Prezi from Scratch.

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