What is a Prezi Presentation?

Prezi is like no other presentation tool; it is a modern presentation maker that will engage you as soon as you try it for the first time. Prezi Present lets you adapt your message to be more responsive to each stakeholder question, allowing you and your audience to interact with the presentation without flipping through slides.

We will review together different Prezi Next Features that makes it so unique; such as,

  • Non-Linear Presenting Method
  • Smart Content Management
  • Per-Viewer Analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Spatial Cognition
  • Storytelling Naturally
  • Easy to Adopt

Make sure to check out the Prezi Templates Series, in which we will start with the advanced lessons on how to work with templates and edit them.

Beneath the video lesson, you will find an infographic summing up What Prezi is and reviewing the video’s main topics.

What is Prezi

Don’t forget to check the Masterclass Sessions in which Prezi Experts around the world give advanced tips and tricks using Prezi Video.

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