What is a Prezi Template?

In this lesson, we are going to learn what is a Prezi Template and how to find templates.

A great way to start working on your Prezi Presentation is to start from a Template. A Prezi Template is a full preset presentation in which you can fill in with your content. Using a Template, you will reduce and save the time invested in creating your presentation’s initial structure.

The goal of this lesson is to give you a full understanding of the tool. You will be able to know how to choose the perfect template that best fits your needs.

You will learn all about shapes & layouts, themes & colors, and fonts in the Prezi Templates Series.

In this infographic, you will find the difference between the two paths you could take when starting a Prezi Presentation.

When starting a Prezi, you can start from a template where you have different categories such as Sales and Business Development or Marketing or Education, between others, or what we will learn in the next lesson, starting a Prezi from the Prezi Gallery.

Want to create your own personalized template? Go to the lesson.

Infographic How to Start a Prezi
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