View Links and Prezi Analytics

In this lesson, we will review Prezi analytics. Prezi Analytics is a tool to understand how much engagement your presentations are getting.

Note: To use this tool, you will need a Pro or Business license; check Prezi licenses to learn more.

How to check your presentation's analytics?

You will find your presentation analytics on the left side menu of your Prezi dashboard.

When you click on the analytics, you will get to a page where you have a list of all the presentations tracking analytics.

After loading the analytics for a specific presentation, you enter a quick dashboard to see the link you used to run those analytics, and you can visualize some stats. For example, when we shared the presentation, the first view of the presentation, the number of views and viewers, and the total view time.

Also, you can check with granularity the statistics for each of the users that view the presentation. And, depending on the settings, you can request the name and email of the viewer.

With these statistics, you can get insight into how your prospect team is conformed and how they work.

You can also check with a small thumbnail which part of the presentation they were looking at that particular moment.

How to share presentations and activate analytics?

To share a presentation, you will have to create a view link. Follow the next steps;

  1. Enter the Prezi’s card of the presentation by clicking on the small gear in the presentation.
  2. Click on the “create new link” button.
  3. Give your link a name just for your own records.
  4. Enable to track the link on Prezi analytics.
  5. Enable to require the viewer’s name and email (optional).
  6. Click on “create link.
  7. Then a special link will be generated for you to share.


There is also the possibility of checking out the analytics for that specific presentation in the Prezi’s Card instead of checking analytics on your main dashboard and searching between all your presentations.

Check Prezi Analytics on Air

Prezi analytics works live too. This means that you can actually look if the presentation is being played at that exact moment, and with the thumbnails, you can see where they actually are in the presentation. This will give you talking points and insight into what your prospects can be interested in.

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