Types of Topics: Planet & Stack

This is a short lesson to learn the difference between the two types of presentation topics available in Prezi.

In the Prezi Features section, we teach how to fully edit topics and change the topic cover to present like a pro.

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How to insert a new topic in Prezi?

As we reviewed in the previous lesson, we need to go to Insert/topic or locate the “topic button” on the edition screen’s top left side to insert a new topic.

Types of Topics

By default, Prezi will add a planet topic, but there is another type of topic available; the stack topic.

To add a stack topic, you have to click the small arrow next to the “topic button.”

How to add a new topic

What’s the difference between Planet and Stack?

The first layer of a Prezi presentation is called Prezi’s overview or background, and here we will find different topics or containers of information with different sublayers.

Now, there are two types of topics that you can use for your presentation; they are called Planet and Stack.

Planet topics are, by default Prezi’s type of topic and will be multi-level (or multi-layer). They are containers with sub-containers (subtopics) and sub-sub-containers.

Planet Topic

Stack topics are the regular topics you have in a deck or PowerPoint presentation, a stack of slides. 

There are usually used for linear sections as you can only go to the next/previous slide. 

Stack topic

In the next short video, you will notice that stack topics are like pages in a book. You can only move back and forth, where planet topics are full containers (interrelated) with specific ideas with subtopics and sub-sub topics.

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