Prezi Templates

Learn how to work with Prezi templates and create a Prezi template for yourself. By setting the style, background, colors, fonts, and shapes of your Prezi template, you will have a more solid and uniform looking project throughout the rest of the work to create a presentation.

Prezi Templates: Setting the Style

Remember, to customize a Prezi template use the Style Options to change your Prezi template’s background, topic shapes and colors, theme colors, and text. If you click on the small icon next to the titles, you will configure your presentation style.

Setting Prezi Style

Don’t forget that the Style Options are global for the presentation. For instance, if you choose a shape, you will be selecting the shape of all your topics in the presentation.┬áHere are some Prezi examples if you need some inspiration or want to check out our previous Prezi designs.

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