Prezi Storyblocks

In the following lesson, we are going to talk about Prezi Storyblocks.

Storyblocks are one of the best Prezi features. They are full Prezi flows already made to help you achieve specific purposes within your presentation. Choose between elements like Timelines, Maps, Lists, Tables, and many others. Prezi premakes Storyblocks, and they can be filled in with your content. Let’s have a look at the next video to understand better.

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Prezi Storyblocks Style

Each time you include an element to your presentation, it will adopt the presentation’s style; that’s because we previously set the Theme of the presentation; if you need, go back to the Theme & Colors Lesson.

We use Storyblocks to describe complex situations. They are starting points to create excellent assets with your style, colors, and images for the presentation.

When we include a Storyblock, we will import a full structure topic for the presentation, and the best of all is that the elements in a Storyblock can be replaced with our content, and we can even add more stuff to it.

Prezi Storyblocks

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