Prezi Icon Basics

In the following lesson, we are going to talk about Prezi Icons. Icons are an advantageous asset for our presentations; there are many things to review; that’s why we divided the topic into two lessons. We will have an advanced lesson on Prezi Icons in which we are going to create a full library of icons that you will be able to reuse in all your presentations and how to find icons online, download them and bring them to Prezi.

How to add Prezi Icons?

As usual, to add an icon, we go to the Insert menu and click on Icons.

Prezi has a huge library of icons with different categories, and we can also search for specific icons. Some of these icons categories are,

  • Blue User Interface
  • Circle Bubbles
  • Color Icons
  • Cute Colors Icon (like pastel color icons)
  • Doodle
  • Filled (kind of isometric icons)
  • Infographic
  • Outlined

Icons Options

In the contextual menu, we are presented with different options when we select an icon. Some of those options are,

  • Style Preset
    • Where we can change the color of the icon depending on the Theme Colors chosen.
  • Fill Color
    • We can choose a specific color and manipulate the saturation of the color.
  • Add to My Library

Technical Detail

A significant detail about icons is that they are vectorial, which means that you can resize them or zoom in on them, and they won’t lose resolution. A difference with images is that they have an infinite resolution. If we zoom in on an image, at some point, it will get pixelated.

Prezi Icons Infographic

Don’t miss the next lesson on icons, where we will create a full library of icons that we will make together, and you will be able to use them in further presentations.

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