Prezi Gallery

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Technique in 30 minutes.

There is a great alternative to the Prezi Templates, where you can access full presentations that are available for you to use them for your next project.

In the following lesson, we are going to talk about the Prezi Gallery. Reviewing some topics like,

  • How to make a copy of a Prezi Gallery Presentation
  • How to save your New Presentation in your Prezi Dashboard
  • How to have Full Access and Edition Permission

Let’s have a look at the Prezi Gallery and what we can find there.

In the previous lesson, we’ve learned that there were two ways to start a presentation, from Prezi Templates or with the Prezi Gallery. You will find how to save a Prezi Presentation that you’ve chosen from the Prezi Gallery and how to start the edition in the following infographic.

Infographic How to Start a Prezi

It is good for you to know that there are also Prezi Video templates in the Prezi Gallery that are ready for you to use, where you can interact with the content live onscreen while presenting.

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