Prezi Education License and Others

In this lesson, we will review the different kinds of licenses that Prezi offers. There is a Prezi education license for teachers and students. We will review each license and analyze the pros and cons, so you make a smart choice by the time you need to decide.

Take a look at the Masterclass section with tips and trick from Prezi Experts around the world.

Here you will find an infographic summing up each license’s main features, so you end with a clear idea and notice the difference between them.

Description of each Prezi License
Difference between each Prezi License

It is good for you to know that everybody is eligible for a Prezi Free Account or Prezi Basic Account. As you may know, Prezi has special offers for students and educators, but you don’t have to be concerned if you don’t apply for this category (get a Prezi Education License); you can always apply for a 100% free account. In our blog, you will find an article that shows how to get a Free Prezi Account.

With Prezi Basic account, you will access Prezi Presentations, Prezi Video, and Prezi Design; but you won’t have privacy in the content you create. Each Presentation that you design will be publicly available. This option is a plus for experimenting with the tool before landing your credit card.

After the Prezi Basic account, you will find different licenses depending on your needs. Each new license offers new features.

The Prezi Team License is super cool if you are working with a group of people or in a company where different team members are working on the same presentation simultaneously or even if you are in sales processes. You need to track the presentation and get the insight information about who is watching your content. If you need a Prezi Team license, please contact us, we can get you a special offer for your team.