Prezi Dashboard

The Prezi Next Dashboard. When you log in to Prezi for the first time, you land right into the Prezi Dashboard screen. We will show you where and how to start a Prezi Presentation and go through the different Prezi Suite features including Prezi Video, Prezi Design, and Prezi Present.

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Use this Prezi Dashboard infographic to map where things are in Prezi.

What is Prezi Dashboard

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The Prezi Next Dashboard will slightly change depending on your Prezi License, but the elements’ location is always the same. There are some elements that will always be there no matter the license;

  • Prezi Video: This is an interface where you can connect your Prezi with your camera and interact with the content in video conferences or create videos.
  • Prezi Design: A tool to create and edit infographics, flyers, business cards, and stuff you can use in your Prezi Presentations.
  • Prezi Present: Create engaging presentations starting from templates or scratch.
  • Organizational Options: Keep your creations and projects organized by folders.

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