Prezi Card

In this lesson, we are going to talk about the Prezi Card. Each presentation has its own Prezi Card, and there are different functions that you can access from it. For instance,

  • Adding Collaborators.
  • Create a view link to share your Presentation.
  • Organize your Presentations.
  • Download or Export it.
  • Presenter Tools.

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Here there is an image summing up where things are in Prezi Card.

What is Prezi Card?

The Prezi’s Card Options are;

  • Change the Name of your Presentation.
  • Present.
  • Edit.
  • Add Comments.
  • Make a Copy. Very useful when you need a backup of your Presentation.
  • Live Prezi: To create a URL for people to watch you broadcasting your Presentation to your Audience.
  • Presenter View: Are Presenter Notes, where you have the Presentation on a big screen and your notes on your laptop screen.
  • Prezi Remote: Control your presentation from your phone using gestures to navigate through your presentation.
  • Add Collaborators: Add Team members who can edit, present, or comment on your Presentation.
  • Link to Presentation: Create a link to share the presentation with your prospects or stakeholders.
  • Add to Folder: Organize your Prezis in Folders.
  • Export: Download your Prezi or Make a PDF from it to deliver a hard copy to your audience.