Prezi Card

The Prezi Card is the control center of a Prezi presentation. Each Prezi has its own Card, and there are different functions that you can access from it:

  • Adding Collaborators.
  • Create a view link to share your Presentation.
  • Organize your Presentations.
  • Download or Export it.
  • Presenter Tools.

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Here is an infographic summing up where things are in the Prezi Card.

What is Prezi Card?
  • Change the Name of your Presentation.
  • Present.
  • Edit.
  • Add Comments.
  • Make a Copy. Very useful when you need a backup of your Presentation.
  • Live Prezi: To create a URL for people to watch you broadcasting your Presentation to your Audience.
  • Presenter View: Are Presenter Notes, where you have the Presentation on a big screen and your notes on your laptop screen.
  • Prezi Remote: Control your presentation from your phone using gestures to navigate through your presentation.
  • Add Collaborators: Add Team members who can edit, present, or comment on your Presentation.
  • Link to Presentation: Create a link to share the presentation with your prospects or stakeholders.
  • Add to Folder: Organize your Prezis in Folders.
  • Export: Download your Prezi or Make a PDF from it to deliver a hard copy to your audience.
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