Prezi Arrows and Lines

In this lesson, we are going to talk about Prezi Arrows and Lines.

How do Arrows & Lines behave?

While working with arrows and lines, you will notice that they stick at some point to elements that you approach. This is the main feature of working with lines and arrows, and it’s handy because when you move one element around, the arrow or line will change accordingly because they are stick.

You will also notice that when we select an arrow or line, they have three dots, one at the beginning, another in the middle, and the last one at the end. With the middle dot, we can change the curvature of it.

Arrows & Lines Options

As we know, when we select an arrow, the contextual menu changes, and we have different options.

  • Presets
    • We can change the color of the arrow, depending on the Preset of our Theme.
  • Line Color
    • We can choose a specific color and change the opacity.
  • Thickness
    • We can increase or decrease the thickness of the arrow to make it more or less important.
  • Add to My Library

Review the lesson about My Library to understand how it works.

Arrows and lines options
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