Prezi App & Prezi Offline

In the following lesson, we will talk about the Prezi Apps for desktop and mobile.

The goal is that you learn how to download and install them. We will also review the main functions of the applications and how to keep your most important presentations offline, in case you don’t have internet access.

It is good to know that Prezi has a Desktop App for your Prezi Presentations and Prezi Video. You may want to download the two of them or the one that you need. Click here to find out how to download the Prezi Video App.

The following video is a quick review of the Prezi Viewer App. Learn how to download and install it on your smartphone and how to keep your presentations offline. Also, there is an option called Prezi Remote to use your phone as a remote clicker while you are presenting; take a look in the next video.

We’ve created an infographic summing up the options you will access once you make your Prezi Offline.

The Prezi Viewer App is available either in the AppStore or Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Infographic Prezi Desktop and Prezi Viewer App Offline
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