Making a Prezi from Scratch

Once we customized our own Prezi Template with our particular Theme and Fonts, we will create a Prezi from scratch. Take a look at the next video to find out how to start the presentation.

Layers in Prezi

As we saw in the video, Prezi is created on the concept of an open canvas, where we have the Overview or Background of your Prezi, and we have Topics. The Topics are containers of information that open a new layer on the presentation to have multiple canvases.

In the Overview, we can add several Topics in which we distribute our content based on what we want to communicate. The whole concept of Prezi is around Topics and then staff that we can put inside those topics.

Layers in Prezi

We can add Topics by clicking on the Insert menu or clicking on the screen’s top left.

There are two different types of Topics;

  • Planet
  • Stack

Check out the Planet vs. Stack lesson to understand the difference between them.

How to add a new topic

In the smart structures article, we explain the difference between the types of topics in Prezi.

In every Prezi presentation, there are numerous elements that we can insert (we created a specific lesson for each element). Some of these elements are;

  • My Library
    • My Library is a collection of Prezi Elements that can be full of structures or graphical elements.
  • Storyblocks
    • Storyblocks are pre-defined structures for specific purposes. You can insert full flows like timelines, Maps, and many others, creating layouts that are pre-made by Prezi just for you.
  • Text
  • Images
  • Icons
    • Prezi has an extensive library of Icons, and you are going to learn how to create your own custom icons library.
  • Animations
  • PowerPoint
    • We can include PowerPoints and actually select which slide to insert into a Prezi Presentation.
  • Shapes
    • We can modify the shapes and colors of a Prezi.
  • Arrows & Lines
  • PDF
  • Audio
  • Charts
    • Using dynamic data, so anytime you modify any of the values, the chart is automatically updated in the presentation.
  • Videos
    • You can upload videos that will work offline or even pull them from Youtube (requires internet connection).
  • Comments

In the next lessons, we will review each of these elements, so you understand better.

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