Prezi Course and Masterclass – Getting Started

An incredibly rich Prezi Course that takes you from the very basics of making your own Prezis to the most advanced techniques to create and deliver stunning, engaging Prezis and Videos.

With hands-on lessons, interviews with Prezi Experts around the world, materials that you can reuse, weekly updates, and a talkative community managed by our teachers, we feel confident saying that this is the best Prezi Course around. And is free.

What's new in our Prezi Course this week?

Learn Prezi Video Hacks with the award-winning designer, Guilherme Criscuolo.

He shares the main differences when creating a Prezi and a Prezi Video presentation.

Visit his Masterclass lesson to learn more.

Prezi Video with Guilherme Criscuolo

In this Prezi course you will learn how to use Prezi from scratch all the way to advanced techniques and techniques.

In the Prezi Overview Series, we will review the Prezi basics quickly, so you have a foundation of Prezi’s capabilities and functions.

The idea is that you get a map of the tool, learning where things are and what it can do, building a good basic understanding of the overall tool.

In this Prezi Overview Series, we are going to review some topics like;

  • What is a Prezi Presentation?
  • Prezi Licenses
  • Prezi Dashboard
  • Prezi’s Card
  • Prezi Editing & Presenting Basics
  • Downloading Prezi’s Apps & Prezi Offline
  • Prezi Templates
  • Prezi Gallery
  • Conversational Presenting

In the Prezi Templates Series, we will learn how to work with Prezi templates and the various elements, colors, and fonts in a template.section

In the Making a Prezi section, we will learn how to create a Prezi presentation from scratch, with your styles and theme.

In the Prezi Features section, we will go through all the elements you can include in your presentation, and we will share some tips to master them.

You need to know that you will be able to go back and watch the lessons again if you think you missed something. Also important, we have created some Infographics for each lesson, so you summarize them. You will find them at the bottom of each lesson.