Japanese Style and Prezi Structure with Fuji

In this masterclass lesson, we meet Fuji, a Japanese Prezi expert, well-known for how he structures his presentations. He teaches us about Japanese style and Prezi Structure. Also, he gives us a tour, using Prezi Video, of his best presentations, which were awarded in 2018 and 2019.

What was Fuji’s approach to winning the Prezi Awards?

In 2018, he was awarded the Best Overall Design Award for a Prezi that he used to showcase the spotlight remote.

He explains that his approach was to create a very simple presentation with unique graphics.

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He created four topics with huge topic covers that are also visible inside the topic. Then he uses subtopics to introduce new parts and control the movement of the presentation.

In 2019, he also won the Prezi Awards with a very nice presentation with Japanese style. The Prezi is composed of 50 topics that took him about two months to design.

He affirms that was the most challenging presentation that he’s ever created because of the complexity of the presentation structure.

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In the 2019 presentation, Fuji uses topics and subtopics to take the audience on a journey around a 400 years old fairy tale story in his family. 

The Prezi expert explains that the Japanese style is defined by the texture, colors, and graphics. He created every graphic on the presentations with a “paper mache” texture. Since Japanese colors are not vivid, he adapted his presentation using matte colors.

Moreover, graphics play a significant role in Japanese presentations. In 2019, he delivered a presentation with an Old-Traditional Japanese atmosphere. Using the traditional Japanese shape of water, the unique Japanese architecture, and the famous Japanese Kimonos.

Fuji’s presentation is full of topics because he uses the advanced topic editing option to edit visuals and introduce new situations in the story. Basically, he creates a topic and edits the topic cover, and inside the topic, he creates a different version of the same graphic. And then, he introduces a different scene with a subtopic with a transparent topic cover.

Finally, he surprises us with a Prezi Video presentation that he created just for fun; it is awe-inspiring!

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