Custom Prezi Themes & Colors

In the next video, we will learn how to custom Prezi themes and colors.

What is the Theme?

The Template is a full structure of a presentation that includes colors, shapes, text, background. The Theme of a presentation is specifically the combination of colors and text.

Remember, by clicking on the small icon next to the Colors Option; it will open the Palette’s Menu, where we can choose pre-defined options on themes, different color palettes.

How to choose a Color Palette

How to edit the Color Palette?

If you want to edit the default color palette associated with the template, you must scroll down in the Palette’s menu. And, you will find the Template’s Palette.

By clicking on the small pencil icon, we work directly with the theme associated with the template. We can define the color of the background, topics, subtopics, border, and accent and define the text’s primary and secondary colors of the presentation.

Also, we can create a palette from our logo. By uploading our logo, Prezi will analyze it and take the primary colors to create a palette for the presentation.

To create a palette from your logo, you have to click on the logo icon and upload your logo, and Prezi will do the rest of the work.

Once you finish defining the colors of your palette, don’t forget to save it. This way, it will be saved in Prezi, and you will be able to use it in other presentations.


The theme that you choose in the style option is valid for the whole presentation.

Prezi Theme

When we create a Prezi presentation, we always follow the company’s brand book, where there is a pre-definition of the colors and fonts that represent the company’s brand. If you are working for a company, ask for the Visual Identity Book, or contact the marketing team to know which colors should you use in the presentation. If you are working on your own and want some inspiration to create a color palette, you can visit Coolors.

Make sure to check the lesson about applying the presentation theme that we created.

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