Charts in Prezi

In the following lesson, we are going to talk about Charts in Prezi.

How to add Charts in Prezi?

Like the other elements in Prezi, we go to the Insert menu and click on Charts. Prezi presents a series of predefined charts that you can add to the presentation. Some of them are line charts, bars, columns, pie, scatter, multiple axes, and hierarchy.

Once we chose the chart, we will be presented with two options, a Dark Chart or a Light Chart. The only difference between them is the color of the text or legend and the ruler’s color or axis. The choice will depend directly on our background; if we have a dark background, we should choose a light chart and vice-versa.

How to modify a Chart?

To modify a chart, you will need to select the chart and look for the Edit Chart Icon in the contextual menu. A new window will open with basically two options to edit data and settings.

The edit data option works as an excel spreadsheet where we can modify the values directly in Prezi.

The setting options are,

  • Chart Properties
    • Show the values of our chart (inside the bars)
    • Show the values outsides the bars.
  • Colors
    • We can use different colors for each bar.
  • Axis & Grid
    • We can decide if we want a grid or not (depending on the type of chart)
    • Grid Color
    • Grid Transparency
    • Axis Titles
    • Axis Range
      • This works when we need to start on a specific point in the chart. It’s a way to manage the amount of space that the chart will use on-screen.
  • Data Format
    • It is for internationalization to change the values’ format, using commas or dots and different decimal separators.
    • We can also abbreviate thousand and millions; and change how it’s visualized.
Working with charts infographic

Let’s keep going with the course! On the next lesson we will review Prezi Animations.

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