Applying Presentation Themes and Styles

In the following video, we will apply the presentation theme and style we have been working on throughout the course.

If need it, go back to the “Working with Prezi Themes & Colors lesson” in the Templetes Series section.

Applying Style

To apply the Theme that we have created in the previous lesson, go to the Style menu, and click on the small icon next to the Style & Layout Option. Then, find the color palette that you saved. This will apply the Color and Theme configuration to the entire presentation.

Check Fuji’s Masterclass Lesson about Japanese Style and Prezi Structure.

Applying Text

To apply the Fonts that we previously define for our presentation, go to the Style menu, and click on the small icon next to the Text Option. Then, find the Font configuration in My Styles.

Choosing a Background

To choose a background, you need to go to the Style menu and then click on the small icon next to the Background Option. For this course, we have created a background to use in the presentation; if you want to use the same background, click on this link to download it TeachMePrezi’s Background.

Once you download it, you have to click on the Prezi’s Background menu’s upload image icon.

Here there is an infographic with some useful shortcuts to keep in mind while editing a Prezi Presentation.

Text's shortcuts
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