Animated Presentations with Prezi

In this lesson, we will learn how to create an animated presentation with Prezi.

Animations are an essential part of an engaging presentation. There are several types of Prezi animations to design an animated presentation; for instance, fades in and fades out. Let’s have a look at the next video to learn more about it.

How to create an Animated Presentation?

To add animations to your presentation, you will have to click on Insert/Animations; and a new panel will appear on your screen’s right side. This will be your animation timeline. By clicking on the blue plus icon, you will be able to add animations to the timeline.

Different types of animations will be available, depending on what do you select.

How do Prezi animations work?

If you have nothing selected, click on Insert/Animations, and then click on the “blue plus” icon. You will notice that something called the “Add zoom area” will become available on the animation timeline. This option creates a transparent rectangle to zoom into a specific area of the presentation. It is good to know that this rectangle’s format is widescreen (16:9), so you have to make sure to put everything inside this area for the animation to work.

From that point onwards, you can create the animation path depending on your needs, for example, adding a zoom out to go back to the topic’s view.

To edit the animation timeline, you drag and reorder the animation in the timeline.

When you want to add animation to a specific object, you will have other options. For example, you can make an object appear in your presentation with a fade in and disappear with a fade out.

Note: To preview your animation, you can check them by clicking on the small icon next to the timeline’s animation.

Animations and Videos

In case you missed the Working with videos lesson, every time you upload or add a video to your presentation, Prezi will automatically add zoom to video animation. You can delete the animation associated with the video if you want to control when to show it.

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Prezi Animations Infographic
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