Advanced Presentation Icons in Prezi

In this lesson on advanced presentation icons, we will learn how to create your own library of icons based on your brand colors and brand style. We will also learn how to use different resources to get more icons to modify and use in any Prezi presentation.

Don’t forget to download the library of icons that we created for our students! (Link at the bottom of the lesson)

As you may remember from previous lessons, you need to go to Insert / Icons. And, you will be presented with different categories of icons made by Prezi ready to use.

How to get more icons?

There are several sources that we can use to get more icons. For example, Envato Elements, Shutterstock, which is slightly more expensive, but you can buy one image with a full set of icons to use in any of your projects with Prezi. Flaticon has a free option to access a limited selection of icons.

Also, there is an option to search Google Images. By clicking on tools, you can check the user rights or types of licenses of the images.

You will need to look between the ones with creative commons licenses; this means that the images and icons were released as public domain. Although, some will require that you mention the author of the image.

Note: You need to look for those icons with a PDF version for you to download unless you know how to convert other types of files into PDF.

Importing icons into Prezi

Convert PPT, PDF or DOC file - Prezi Designs

Once you downloaded the PDF file with the icons, you need to go to Prezi Designs (read this article to learn more about it) and use the option “convert PPT, PDF or DOC file.”

You need to upload the PDF file with your new icons.

A new screen will open with your icons vectorized. Each icon will be composed of different elements that you will need to group to be exported. At this point, you will have two options, export the entire sheet of icons, and every time you want to import an icon, you will import all of them, or you can export them one by one.

To export an icon on Prezi Designs, you need to use the option to download it as a PDF file with a transparent background; on the top right corner of your screen. Although you can export it with a right-click, you won’t be presented with the option of a transparent background.

Pro tip: To select all the icons except one, you select them with your mouse and pressing the Shift key on your keyboard; you click on the one to be excepted. And if you delete everything, you will keep only the excepted one.

Download an infographic with all the keywords shortcuts in Prezi.

Presentation Icons on Prezi

To insert the icons that we saved on our computer, we need to click on Insert / Icons and click on the “upload PDF” button. Then you can save them in My Library with a right-click and choose to add them to my library.

Jump to Mandy Schild’s Masterclass session on tips and tricks to effectively use visual metaphors in your presentation.

How to change the style of your icons?

There are some icons called filled icons or isometric icons that can adapt your presentation style. Meaning that you will be able to change the color of these icons based on your color palette.

To change the style of your icons, follow the following steps or watch the short video below;

  1. Find some filled icons to download, and be sure they are in PDF format.
  2. Click on Import / Icons / Upload PDF.
  3. With a right-click, save it into My Library to start building your personalized icon library.
  4. Then, select the icon and, in the contextual menu, click on the “style presets” option.
  5. You will be able to change the icon color according to the colors from your color palette.

Free Icons for You

Our TeachMePrezi’s team has created a library of icons for you to download. These icons will help you in your further presentations; all you need to do is upload them and save them in My Library.

Download TeachMePrezi’s Icons

These are filled icons, which means that you can change their color to match your presentation.

How to create your library of icons on Prezi
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