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We built Teach Me Prezi to help people learn the coolest Prezi features and help them create the best presentations ever.

Teach Me Prezi helps you learn Prezi with auto-didact methods, online teachers and design services.

Join us to create presentations like a master, make amazing videos, impress your audiences and deliver the best presentations ever.

Teach Me Prezi's Team

Gregorio Lopez

CEO & Teacher

Teach Me Prezi’s co-founder. His main role is ensuring that the company is on the right track and the students have a great experience with us.

When not working, Gregorio is likely to be playing with his dog, Tribeca. Gregorio is also a nature lover and a gardening fan.



The award-winning artist and Teach Me Prezi’s Lead Teacher, Guilherme, is dedicated to produce interactive and quality presentations. He is there as a design consultant to make the projects even better. His hobbies are sports and video games.



Prezi’s Fan and Teach Me Prezi’s co-founder. His main role is teaching new Prezi’s fans and making sure they have a great experience with us. 

When not helping students or having a laugh with his sons and daughters, Pablo is likely to be running the streets of Brooklyn training for the next marathon. Pablo is also a mindfulness enthusiast and an Andy Puddicombe’s fan.

When asked “why Prezi?”, he answers: Freedom, and that fine intersection between Arts and Technology.

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