5 Prezi Like a Pro

5 ways to create a Prezi like a pro

Prezi Next is like no other presentation tool; that’s why so many people contact us looking for prezi training and looking for presentation design. With Prezi, you will notice that there are more strategies in presenting than pressing forward in a dull slide-based presentation.

With a Prezi presentation, you will have your audience’s attention and the control of the path depending on their interest.

In a continuously changing world, you will have to put an extra effort to increase your sales or get your prospect’s attention. Thankfully, with Prezi by your side, presenting will be more natural and effective.

Prezi introduces a non-linear presenting method. You will be able to pull the content that you need at any time, being flexible to reach a conclusion with your stakeholders. It also works for virtual presentations, using Prezi Video. You can present alongside your content live on-screen, learn more here.

Prezi’s canvas is organized in a conversational presenting way, so it becomes more memorable to your stakeholders. Presenting had evolution since PowerPoint’s slides days, where you stand in front of a crowd and click forward to get to the next slide. Today, we have to make an extra effort to get our audience’s attention; we have to sit side by side and have a conversation to get to know each other and get to know their interests.

Thankfully, we found Prezi. With a Prezi, storytelling is more natural; you can carry your presentation on your smartphone or tablet and present it while having a coffee with your client. You are making the presenting process more personalized.

Our clients have reached their goals improving sales and doubling their companies revenue. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line to help you boost your presentations. 

Prezi’s Secret

Behind the success of a Prezi presentation, there is a strategical brainstorming (Make sure to check Marcos Xalabarder’s masterclass on organizing your thoughts for a presentation). There are some aspects that you need to think before starting a Prezi. First of all, you need to think about the colors that represent your company.

Visuals are crucial when it comes to presenting, people can’t read and listen while you are on stage, so you need to find great visuals that keep your audience interested and still listen to what you need to say. Don’t miss Mandy Schild’s tips for an effective visual methaphor!

It is essential to define a color palette, so your presentation is in harmony with its message. 

The next step to create a Prezi like a pro is choosing the right template. When picking a template, you need to look at the structure, the presentation’s behavior, and make it feed your process. Afterward, you can change the colors, the theme, or the fonts of the template. If you need to learn more about editing a template, you can enroll our Free Prezi Course & Masterclass

After you have chosen the colors and the right template, you can start making your Prezi. To make a presentable Prezi, the first thing to do is to define the style. By setting a style, you will modify the background. Prezi’s background is also known as Prezi overview. In the overview section, you will find the cover of the topics. The topics are buckets of information that contain sub-topics. Prezi topics can be represented by shapes.

As we said before, visuals are essential, so you will need to find the shapes of the topics that convey your message as well as the organization of those topics. This will be determined by the formality of your presentation.

Also, you will need to think about visual metaphors that represent what you want to communicate. Prezi images and icons are a great way to replace text inside the presentation. This way, your audience will understand and remember your story.

In our Prezi Course, we have dedicated specific lessons to learn more about Prezi images and Prezi icons.

In a Prezi presentation, you can define the fonts while setting up the style. The fonts represent your brand, as well as the colors. So before setting a Prezi font, consult your marketing department to know which font would be suitable for your presentation.

There are a lot more Prezi secrets that we can share with you if you are interested in presenting like a master or taking your presentations to the next level, get in contact with our team. We would be glad to help you.

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