3 ways to design a creative Prezi

Everybody knows that getting in front of a crowd is a big deal. No matter how big your audience is, you will get sweaty hands and a dry through. The feeling of everybody staring at you will make anybody nervous. Having a creative Prezi by your side will cover all the bases to create a stunning home run the next time you present. 

We know that is a big deal to start a Prezi, but we will show you three ways to make inspiration play in your team so you can deliver a creative Prezi.

Prezi Templates

We receive many requests asking for free Prezi templates, but we encourage our students to take advantage of the great prezi templates that Prezi Present is already offering. Watch this Prezi tutorial to learn how to choose the right template and edit it. Prezi templates are a great way to start a creative Prezi since you’ll find different categories depending on the project. For instance, sales and business development, marketing, education and non-profit, HR, and training. 

Prezi templates are presentation models that you can fill in with your content to reduce and save the time invested in creating your presentation’s initial structure. In our free Prezi course, you will find a dedicated lesson that reviews in detail Prezi templates.

How to start a Prezi from a template

To start a Prezi from a template, you will need to make a Prezi login to your account and click on create from the template icon. Then, you will be able to choose between the different templates categories.

If you click on a template, you will be able to check it out before choosing it. Look at the next gif to understand better.

The Infinite Prezi Gallery

Another way to design a creative prezi is to visit the Prezi Gallery. In the Prezi gallery, you will find full prezi presentations that other people have made available for you to use. The presentations will have its content but will have the permission to edit them and make it yours. It is a great way to get inspiration to create your next presentation.

How to start a Prezi from the Prezi gallery

To access the gallery, you will need to localize the create a new prezi section and click on explore the presentation gallery. Watch the Prezi tutorial below to learn how to access the presentation gallery.

Once in the gallery, you will have different categories on the left of your screen and will need to look for those presentations with a green reusable icon, meaning that the presentation is there to be shared with the Prezi community. Once you decided on a reusable presentation, you will need to make a copy of it to save it in your Prezi dashboard.

If you want to know how to make a copy of the Prezi gallery’s presentation, you can enroll in our free Prezi Course & Masterclass, in which we have a full lesson about it.

Free up your imagination

Prezi is an intuitive tool full of impressive graphics assets that will help you free up your imagination and deliver the best presentations ever. Either way, you choose to start a Prezi; I assure you that you will end up with an engaging presentation blowing your prospect’s mind.

What is your favorite way to start a Prezi?

Pablo Povarchik

Pablo Povarchik

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